Razze di cani 25 Cutest nel mondo

Non è così difficile scegliere quali sono le razze di cani più carine di sempre? Ce ne sono così tanti la fuori!Here is our attempt at that list and we hope ya’ll dog lovers out there will give this list a thumbs up!

1. Australian shepherds are not only pretty, but they are also people-pleasers. They like doing stuff for you.

2. Whoever said bulldogs arenXCHARXt good-looking has probably not met any French bulldogs.

3. Unlike the lovable Snoopy, real-life beagles like to sniff and move around.

4. Did you know that Pembroke Welsh Corgis are cute AND the Queen of EnglandXCHARXs beloved pets? SheXCHARXs had 30.

5. American Staffordshire Terrier, commonly called pit bulls, love being a member of the family.

6. Shetland Sheepdogs love to cuddle and play with children.

7. Golden Retrievers are always ready for a photo op.

8. Daschunds can be smooth, wirehaired, longhaired, miniature or regular. But whatever you choose, you will love them.

9. Now arenXCHARXt Siberian Huskies one of the most good-looking breeds out there?

 10. XCHARXBelton, not spotted.XCHARX ThatXCHARXs how to describe the coat of the English Setter, the gentleman of the dog world.

11. An Akita Inu has strong imposing looks that give it a very dignified air.

12. Basset Hounds are another perennial favorite of dog lovers worldwide.


13. The Bichon Frisé is a small playful white furry ball of love.

14. The Chow Chow is called Songshi Quan which means XCHARXpuffy-lion dogXCHARX or the Tang Quan, XCHARXDog of the Tang Empire.XCHARX

15. The Icelandic Sheepdog is a great herder and fiercely loyal.

16.  The Pomeranian has a foxy face and a vivacious personality.

17. The Rough Collie has a thick multi-colored coat and a great personality which made it a Hollywood superstar.

18. They used to guard the Saint Bernard Hospice in Switzerland and helped save lost and injured travelers. Today, these gentle giants are the biggest furbabies in dog-loving families.

19. Yorkshire Terrier used to catch rats in the clothing mills of the 19th century.

20. The Sharp Pei is a hard-working and independent breed.

21. Dalmatians need no introduction. TheyXCHARXre playful, lovable, and famous.

22. The sweet Cairn Terrier will definitely find its way to your heart, even if you are not a Wizard of Oz fan.

23. Before becoming a lovely-looking pet, the Lhasa Apso use to live in Buddhist seminaries and warned the monks of intruders.

24. With their long hair, the Pekingese were called Lion Dogs because they look like Chinese guardian lions.

25. The Lady and the Tramp made the Cocker Spaniel a famous and common pet.

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